• No Streak Window Cleaning

    Hey Matt

    Your podcast is like business school for me, it has totally changed the way I view my business.

    Thank you for having this podcast and keep it going!!

  • I Hope My Competitors Never Listen to It

    This podcast has provided me useful information in marketing my business. The best thing I can say is I hope my competitors never listen to it.

  • If you own a cleaning business, this i...

    I love it that Matt does not keep many secrets. What I mean by that, is that other podcasts only give you a glimpse of their methods and secrets to success. And then they want you to pay a hefty sum to learn the actual secrets. Matt does offer some products to help you out, but the bulk of the podcasts is actually made up of material that will actually help you grow. Methods, systems, advice, it's all there. I learned a ton about Google AdWords on just ONE episode!! I did not have to go behind a paywall and I love that!! Thanks Matt and team! Keep up the awesome work!!!

  • Very "implement-able"

    This show has helped give us hope and vision for what is possible in and from a service business.

    Matt's stories about his own business and how he started is super encouraging! If you listen to him, he's got lots of good and extra practical stuff to say that you can implement in your business TODAY that will transform your business.

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