How To Increase Your Average Job By 200% Or More!

When I first started my pressure cleaning business, I HATED sales. I hated the idea of selling something to someone because we all know what the general public thinks of sales people...

After the first year, I quickly realized sales was the most important part of my business. Without it, nothing else mattered. So I ventured out learning as much as I could on how to sell in an authentic way. How do I share my services with people without them thinking I'm just trying to make an extra buck? What happens if Mrs. Jones actually needs her gutters cleaned but she called me for window cleaning instead? Do I tell her? How?

These were all questions I asked myself early on in my business career. I bet if you're being honest with yourself, you know you could be making WAY more money per job if you knew how to up sell in an ethical manner. Shoot, most of you probably don't even tell your customers all the services you offer!

After year one, I started experimenting. I thought to myself, "even if Mrs. Jones calls me for window cleaning, how do I make sure she knows everything else I do?" The reality is, I was finding out customers needed the other services I offered but didn't even know we offered them. That's when our estimate sheet was invented. This was a tool that sold itself to the customer. Priced the customer out for everything in a super professional manner. Blowing away my competition when we would bid against each other.

To this day, our company and hundreds of others around the country have implemented this estimate sheet into their home service companies. They have watched their average ticket go up as much as 200% without doing a single thing different at quotes. Customers are signing up for multiple services now because they know everything the company offers. And most importantly, people are winning more bids because they simply stand out.

Check out our estimate sheets here. Our team would be thrilled to work with you on building out one that fits your needs! Let's get your average ticket per job WAY higher and help you become one of the top service providers in your area.


PS: Here is a example of one of our estimate sheets we have designed and printed for a company. This specific estimate form crushes! 

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